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Monday, 05 December 2005


The reasons for needing a well managed property may vary. At one end of the scale institutional investors will seek rental return capital growth; at the other end the rental income may be most important factor. One factor however is common to all; to achieve the desired result buildings and their tenants need constant attention.

To us, property management surveying is about far more than just the day-to-day administration of a building. Performed properly this function will ensure that any property meets and matches market expectations. The aim is to view a building as an asset which requires constant attention at all times, which through pro-active management will fulfill its investment value potential.

We proactively handle rent reviews and lease renewals, analysing all relevant issues and examining possible solutions before making recommendations. We advise on the selection of tenants, on proposals for surrender and re-letting (assignment and sub-letting remain illegal in Vietnam), and on the most suitable property occupation, disposal and redevelopment. Valuations are used by property managers to aid decisions on property issues and arrive at recommendations.

We manage services and facilities in buildings for investor owners or tenant occupiers.

Our managers can relieve you of the burdens of collecting rent and/ or operating service charges; managing debt collection; marketing vacant space; employing staff and monitoring planned maintenance programmes. Our asset management team strive to : -

  • Maximise income returns.
  • Maintain and enhance capital values.
  • Control expenditure and provide value for money services
  • Provide a cost efficient service to clients.

Our Professional Property Managers are dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost. They want your real estate investment to be a success not a failure. Potential clients evaluate property managers on their experience, education, and ability. They need to know that they are hiring a professional with the experience and expertise to handle the most expensive investment they have.

Education costs money but then so too does ignorance -

One of the best ways to prove this expertise is by using Property Managers who hold internationally recognized professional designations since this requires the successful completion of coursework and hands-on experience. Integrity, moral soundness, responsibility and trust cannot be taught, but are an absolute prerequisite of a true professional.

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