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Sunday, 04 December 2005

Property Marketing

Some landlords mistakenly believe that regardless of what they do (or don't do) their property's value will increase. The truth is, the more capable and qualified your property's Marketing Manager, the greater your investment return. Fortunately, marketing is a core part of our service and its effectiveness is greatly assisted by our personal, professional and prompt advice, tailored to suit our clients' specific needs. We achieve results because we concentrate our marketing efforts at every level, taking every opportunity to maximise property value. Our marketing achieves a number of objectives : - 

It exposes property to a greater number of potentially interest parties.

  • By increasing the ratio of interested parties to the property, the rental or sale price is likely to be maximised.
  • It provides us with a data-bank of potentially interest tenants and buyers which are constantly supplemented through continued market activity. We don't initiate marketing when the need arises; we plan our marketing throughout the year in order to keep our data-base constantly replenished. We believe this is crucial to achieving the highest rental or sale price form any property transaction.


Marketing builds “intelligence.? The results determine how we advise our clients, taking into account the economic outlook; infrastructure developments; social trends and market confidence. A thorough local knowledge combined with a wider understanding of all salient local issues is crucial to our understanding of rental values and property prices. With this knowledge we are better able to maximise the income or price potential of any property.

We recognise the value of creating the right tenant mix. We know that marketing work is about much more than just filling a building at any cost. We acknowledge that today's clients' demand a service which is not only commercial but also professionally executed. We recognise the complexities of modern leases, the importance of service charge liabilities, outgoings and dilapidations.

Our long experience of marketing a wide variety of properties in various different market sectors, together with our technical capabilities, present you with all available information to enable you to make sound business decisions for all property types. These include : - 

  • Market analysis
  • Building and site analysis
  • Demographic / labour supply and catchment analysis
  • Negotiating transactions
  • Lease restructuring, surrenders and renewals
  • Strategic planning / portfolio review and management
  • Rent review & lease renewal v lease surrender analysis – asset appraisal options
  • Occupancy cost and operations benchmarking
  • Financial analysis
  • Lease audit


We have a wealth of experience in marketing buildings and can use a wide variety of media to ensure maximum coverage. We are there to advise at all stages of the process. We can achieve the fastest results.


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