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Easy Property has been designed by local and foreign real estate professionals who have seen the need for an easy-to-use, free-of-charge Vietnamese website designed to cater for the property requirements of foreign residents and corporations.

Easy Property has a specially designed ‘Search Function' that easily locates a selection of properties filtered to meet with your personal specifications. We make sure we understand your requirements. That way we know how to make your property match your order. By understanding what you want, we have learned to make what we do, work for you.

Easy Property helps you take advantage of our in-depth market knowledge, to enable you to analyse your requirements using up-to-date market information.

Easy Property provides you will instant up-to-date information on the local residential, office, apartment and industrial markets and investment opportunities.

Easy Property can provide you with a single service or a range of real estate services: your property solution is our aim. Through our web and business links with other practicing professionals in Vietnam, we can also provide you with competitively priced international standard legal, accountancy, and investment advice.

Take advantage of our combined strengths and expertise by selecting a category and/or sub-category and searching our database for information.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 14 October 2006 )
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